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Inspiring the young to aim for the sky

A large part of the mission of the Pacific Coast Air Museum is to Educate and Inspire. Young and old, should appreciate our aviation heritage and space technology. It is our duty and privilege to provide learning opportunities, education, and classes that open minds to the possibility of air and space transportation.

Plus, these classes offer rare real-world experience for kids and young adults. Whether they need summer activities or just an awesome experience to brag about, PCAM offers a variety of educational opportunities.


In recent years the STEM movement in the United States has emphasized Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in our children’s educations. There is the perception – correct or not – that the United States has fallen behind other parts of the world in these key areas. The Pacific Coast Air Museum helps schools address some of their STEM education needs by providing fun and effective ways for students to learn hard facts around aeronautics, aircraft technology, and flight, which are some of the most exciting and engaging science and technology subjects anywhere! We are currently working with the students from the STEM program at Windsor High School and hope to build out our program in the future. Stay tuned for more information. 

Learn from "Those Who Were There"

The greatest educational asset PCAM has is its community of members and volunteers. Many are retired pilots and flight crews who flew the types of aircraft on display at the musuem. Others played support roles as mechanics, ground crews, managers, air traffic controllers, and logistics personnel. They are always happy to tell their first-hand accounts of flying and working with these and other aircraft and what it was like to serve our nation in a prior era.

Adults and your children can also learn by wandering around the PCAM field, getting a close look at the aircraft, and reading the information posted on our exhibits.

Educational Classes​

The Pacific Coast Air Museum regularly offers four types of classes appropriate for young people. Often, these are held at the request of school groups, but individual students are welcome to join any session with available seats. 

Classes we offer include:

Aviation Merit Badge

2024 Dates:

Saturday, January 20st

Saturday, May 18th

Saturday, October 19th

7:45am Check-In
8:15am – 3:00pm  Class


Cost: $89.00 per student

Age Group: Ages 11-17

North Bay Science Discovery Day at Sonoma County Fair Grounds

Date: Saturday, March 9th

Cost: free

Featuring the UH-1 Huey or Blue Angel F-4 Cockpit.

PCAM & Sonoma Jet Center Mike Hauser Academy

Date: June TBD (2 days)

Cost: TBD

Aviation Summer School

Dates: Monday-Friday June 17-21 
Flights: June 22nd

Cost: $195.00 per student per course

Age Group: 6th-9th grade

One 15 hour aviation course. The syllabus provides five days of exciting
classroom aviation activities.

Supports aviation education of young men and women as part of the Boy Scouts of America Exploring program.

Gives Post 707 members the tools, guidance, and expertise to turn dreams of flying into a career.

Age Group: Young men and women 14-20 years

The Principles of Flight

Dates: Arranged upon request

Tuition: $35.00 per student or $350.00 per class

Age Group: 5th through 12th Grades

This course examines the four forces of flight, and meets several of the California State Standards in Social Studies, Science, and Math. It includes a 30-minute “hands on” tour of one of the Museum’s aircraft. Curriculum is customized to the age group.

Your Donations Help Keep PCAM Vibrant

Since our founding in 1989, the Pacific Coast Air Museum has enjoyed exceptional growth, both in membership and in the acquisition of historic aircraft and artifacts. We have also expanded our Education Programs for children and young adults, have increased our capacity to repair and restore aircraft and artifacts, added airworthy flying aircraft, and hosted countless community events.

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