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AW109 Helicopter

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The AgustaWestland AW109, originally the Augusta A109, is a light helicopter with an eight-seat capacity, powered by a twin-engine  Rolls Royce.  It is a multi-purpose aircraft produced by the Italian manufacturer Agusta  (now AgustaWestland) since 1971.  The aircraft is reported to be a joy to fly and faster than other light helicopters.  It offers a very spacious cabin that allows for many applications and lots of cargo room.  It was the first all-Italian design to be mass-produced.  The AW109 is in use by both civil, military, and HEMS  (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services).  This helicopter was manufactured in 1978.  REACH Air Medical Services (MediPlane) bought this helicopter on August 16, 1990.  During its tenure, it was a vital asset that helped save many lives and transport patients to their destination quickly.  After 24 years of service, it flew its last mission in April of 2014.  It was then donated to PCAM.  When it retired, its total flight time topped 10,616.2 hours, the highest time AW109 HEMS helicopter in the world.  This aircraft is owned by the Pacific Coast Air Museum

Type:  Light Multi-Purpose Helicopter

Crew:  1 pilot, 2 medical crew plus patient

Powerplant:  (2) Rolls Royce (Allison) 250-C20B

Dimensions:  Length – 42 ft 9 in

                      Height – 11 ft 2 in

                      Main Rotor Diameter – 36 ft 1 in

                      Tail Rotor Diameter –    6 ft 8 in

Weights:  Empty – 3,550 lbs 

                           Maximum Takeoff Weight – 5,732 lbs

Performance:  Maximum Speed – 193 mph

                        Rate of climb – 1650 ft/min

                        Service Ceiling – 15,000 ft

                        Range – 589 mi

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