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11 Year Old Operates Virtual Reality Flight Simulator

He is the youngest member of our staff qualified to operate the Virtual Reality Flight
simulator. This bright young man attacks every task with great intensity. You will see
him helping everywhere within PCAM. He is only 11 years old but we all could take a
lesson from the way he focuses on life.
Ty West is his name. Here is an example of his life’s attitude. He and his mother were on
the way back from Church on Sunday and he was uncertain if the weekly flight schedule
was fully covered so he asked his mother to swing by the Simulator just to make sure.
When he found out that no one was there to operate the flight simulator he proceeded
home, got his bike and returned to insure we had adequate instructors for our visitors.
Ty is in great demand with the other managing volunteers. He is so capable at many tasks
that other department heads are constantly trying to ‘steal’ him away to help their
We can all appreciate Ty’s energy and motivation. I know I sure do.
C J Stephens
Manager, Flight Simulator

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