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Spring 2024 Straight Scoop

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President’s Message
If you had told me many years ago that I would be standing here celebrating 35 years with PCAM as
the new president, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Those early memories of an A-26 taking
shape, attending meetings in various places, getting my first “speeding ticket” while sitting in the
F-14, walking down the flight line at an Open House, standing on top of an Albatross to film the Air
Show, all feel fresh in the mind as I look back through the old newsletters.
At the time, I was too young to appreciate what we had going for us. I just saw it as a cool
collection of airplanes whose flying days were done. It wasn’t until my father came calling in 2012
to help make the general meetings more enjoyable, that I started to gain a true respect for this
organization. The way it gives back to the community, the way it honors veterans, and inspires
kids and adults to fulfill their dreams and meet their goals is truly something special. There’s not
much that compares to seeing a child staring up at an F-4 Phantom while holding the toy version
in their hands. The airplane of their dreams looking them right in the face. Or a veteran coming out
to see that old bird they once flew, getting to touch it, and fondly recall that time that it saved
their bacon. Moments like these stop time in its tracks.
Thirty five years is nothing to sneeze at. Many museums never make it that far. I am proud of what
we have accomplished thus far, and the direction that we are headed is bright and full of
possibilities. We have a great team of board members and volunteers who keep this place running
at a phenomenal level.
With construction beginning in the near future on the Butler Hangar, all eyes turn toward what we
want to make this museum into. How will we conquer the obstacles of tomorrow? What can we do
to keep people coming back? What might the future hold? These questions may loom large and go
unanswered for now, but as long as we keep moving forward, we’ll figure it out. Cheers to 35 years
Dana Hunt


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Hot Dog Thursday Returns – 10
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