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  1. $50.00 General Membership$100.00 Family Membership (enter names of family members below)$8.00 Junior Membership, 12 to 17 years$250.00 Silver Membership$500.00 Gold Membership$1000.00 Platinum Membership$2,000 Life Membership, individual onlyFREE WWII Vet & Spouse, or widow/widowerI am not buying a Museum membership at this time
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  3. Family Names: For Family Memberships only, please provide up to to three (3) additional family member names. Their membership cards provide access to the annual air show. Family Memberships include one General Member and up to three additional family members.

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  1. $40.00 Coach Class$100.00 Business Class$250.00 First Class$500.00 CaptainI am not buying a Flight Wing membership at this time.
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There’s always something great going on at the Pacific Coast Air Museum. We have Open Cockpit weekends once a month, ┬áspecial events throughout the year, and regular hot dog lunches. We host school field trips, special group tours, birthday parties, and family get-togethers, all among our collection of historic aircraft and educational exhibits.