Member Meeting October 2018

Author Jeane Slone on Female War Correspondents in WWII

Our monthly Member Meetings typically include updates on important Museum news, a raffle, video presentations, a chance to visit with other Museum members, snacks, and a presentation by a featured speaker. Speakers may include military Veterans, historians, civic leaders, and other people with interesting stories to tell of their historical research or their aviation or military experiences.

October 17, 2018: 1 Author Jeane Slone on Female War Correspondents in WWII

There were 127 brave World War II female war correspondents, who went above and beyond to capture the events of the war to inform the people on the home front. These women fought against condemnation and hostility from male officers in order to perform their jobs, and proved time and again that they were equal to male reporters. Jeane Slone, author and PCAM member, will show slides of the adventures of women photographers in several theaters of war.

In this presentation you will meet the fictional Lieutenant Adeline Peterson, war correspondent in eleven theaters of war — a brave, determined, and resilient woman who broke gender biases to photograph the world and document the atrocities of war. Her experiences are based on those of actual female war correspondents of the time.

  • Caught in a Black Blizzard in Oklahoma; endured swarms of locusts 

  • Fled Paris on foot and got caught in the Blitz in London 

  • Photographed the Nazi takeover of Greece 

  • Jailed in Belgrade by the Gestapo
  • Photographed the first bomb to fall on Moscow 

  • Torpedoed at sea in North Africa in a convoy headed to 

  • Almost hit by Japanese snipers on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima 

  • Arrested for disobeying orders during the battle of Okinawa 

  • First war correspondent to document the liberation of the 
Buchenwald concentration camp 

  • Toured Mengele’s torture chambers after the liberation of the 
Dachau concentration camp
  • Witnessed Disease X after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki
  • And more.

About our Speaker

Jeane Slone is a board member of the California Redwood Writer’s Club, a member of the Healdsburg Literary Guild, and a member of the Pacific Coast Air Museum and the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. She is a partner in ESL Publishing, a dedicated company that prints quality books for second-language learners ( She is also a volunteer tutor for the Library Literacy Program. Ms. Slone has published four historical novels:

She Flew Bombers During WW II, winner of the national 2012 Indie Book Award (also available as an audio book through

She Built Ships During WW II, which is also available in an ESL version with a workbook.

She Was An American Spy During WW II and

She Was a WW II Photographer Behind Enemy Lines.

Jeane’s books have been optioned by a Hollywood producer for a TV series titled “War Gals: Unsung American Heroines.” For more information, please visit the author’s website:

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


3200 N. Laughlin Road

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