PCAM Bylaws Changes You Need To Know: Election Date & VP Qualifications

August 20, 2019

By Dave Ford

At the August 2019 board meeting, President Ford introduced the 2019 AMENDMENT AND RESTATEMENT OF THE BYLAWS for approval. There are two major changes that you should be aware of.

First, voting for directors has been moved from December to November. Therefore, the whole process of electing directors has been shifted by one month… sooner rather than later. The nominating committee will be appointed in September and, “This nominating committee shall make its report to the board of directors at least forty-five (45) days before the date of the election…” This year that date is October 2nd.

Second, since the vice president may be called upon to act as president, the  vice president should meet the same qualifications as the president. Therefore, the vice president must be a director in order to be elected to that office.


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