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RF-8G Crusader Cockpit

The RF-8 Crusader Cockpit on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.
The RF-8G was the reconnaissance version of the F-8 Crusader Navy fighter. The Crusader was nicknamed The Last of the Gunfighters because they were the last Navy plane designed with cannon as the primary weapon.
Black and White photo of an RF-86G Crusader on an aircraft carrier deck, with wingtips folded and canopy raised.
The RF-8G Crusader had a variable incidence wing. The leading edge of the wing was raised for takeoff and landing, which had the effect of dropping the nose to improve pilot visibility on takeoff and landing. You can see the raised wing in this image.
U.S. Navy photo of an RF-8G Crusader in flight
This U.S. Navy photo shows the PCAM RF-8G Crusader in flight. Ours served with Navy reconnaissance squadron VFP-62 during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. VFP-62 conducted daring low-level reconnaissance missions over Cuba during the Crisis, and took photos vital to confirming the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba and their later removal.
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RF-8 Crusader Cockpit History

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