Honoring World War II and Korean War Vets: Meet Our Veterans

Memorial Day Weekend Event for the whole family: Saturday May 27

Meet the Veterans of the Greatest Generation Who Fought and Won World War II.

Come meet and mingle with over 40 local war Veterans and see an array of vintage aircraft on display at this special Memorial Day weekend event.  Free admission, two  "Open Cockpit” aircraft, and hot dogs & beverages for purchase make this a great family activity for the long weekend.

This half-day event the Saturday before Memorial Day is organized by volunteers at the Pacific Coast Air Museum (PCAM). It honors our Veterans and provides a forum for all to learn about the Veteran’s experience. Many of them have already been interviewed for the Library of Congress archives by the PCAM Oral History Team for the benefit of the PCAM Education Program.

Talk With the Heroes of the '40s and '50s

Learn about the events that shaped our world from the men and women who were there.

This day is specially designed for young people to meet with some of America’s Greatest Generation, our Veterans of World War II and the Korean War, as we honor their service to our country on Memorial Day weekend, 2017.

Students and anyone else will be able to speak directly with local Veterans who were pilots, navigators, paratroopers, ship's gunners, bomber gunners, decipher specialists, WAVES, radio operators, and map interpreters.

Four small trainer planes flying in formation and trailing smoke in front of dramatic cloudy sky
The Bay Bombers will perform a formation fly-by and Missing Man formation tribute.

Some of them flew P-47 Thunderbolts, P-51 Mustangs, B-17 Flying Fortresses, P-38 Lightnings, TBM Avengers, B-24 Liberators, and T-33 Shooting Stars. We are adding more all the time.

Lots to Do and See

Close displays of vintage aircraft and Jeeps from both World War II and the Korean War. Planes on display include: P-40 Warhawk, T-6 Texan, PT-13 Stearman, A-26 Invader, P-51 Mustang, RF-86 Sabre, and T-33 Shooting Star. The A-26 and the T-33 will be “Open Cockpit”.

P-51 fly-by.

Four- plane "Missing man" formation flight donated and performed by the Bay Bombers Squadron Formation Team (http://baybombersquadron.com/events). Flight demos may be delayed or cancelled depending upon the weather.

Raffle with great prizes! See below!

Welcome remarks will be made by Windsor Mayor Deborah Fudge

Event announcer: Ted Williams, Director of local radio stations KZST, KJZY, KWVF and KBBL

Big Band/Swing Music and Dancing... bring your dancing shoes to join in the fun!

Sonoma County Calendar Girls mixing, mingling, and photo ops.

There will be kids' activities for the younger visitors.

Helico Sonoma, a local helicopter charter, tour and flight training company, will be on hand selling helicopter rides (http://www.helicosonoma.com/).

North Coast Aviation, a local aviation school and airplane rental company, will be selling rides in fixed-wing aircraft

Food  & beverage will be available for purchase, so plan on having lunch!

Group of glamorous women standing and posing for the camera, dressed in 1940s vintage military-themed clothing.
The Sonoma County Calendar Girls will put in an appearance.


We're raffling off some great prizes to benefit the Pacific Coast Air Museum and its educational programs. Prizes include:

Grand Prize: A one-hour flight over Sonoma County and San Francisco Bay in a classic 1954 Cessna 195 Businessliner.

Gift Certificates to the Union Hotel Restaurant


Other prizes to be announced

For Your Security

Backpacks, ice chests, dogs, and other animals are not allowed. Only guide dogs and certified companion animals are allowed.

Find Out More

Call our event hotline at 707-566-8380 if you have questions.

Volunteers Needed

We need people to help us prepare for this big event! You can help by driving the aircraft tugs to move our display aircraft, serving food, setting up, attending to parking, and many other important roles. Volunteering at PCAM events is fun and rewarding, and you get to meet interesting people and contribute to your community.

To volunteer, visit our volunteer signup system at SignUpGenius, a third-party website: https://goo.gl/WVpa84

Sign Up to Volunteer now!

See you Saturday May 27!

The Pacific Coast Air Museum looks forward to seeing you on Saturday May 27!

Call the event hotline 707-566-8380 if you have questions.

Founded in 1989, the Pacific Coast Air Museum is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID 68-0216262.

Some of the Veterans Who Will Attend
  • Rolland "Rollie" Barton, USAAC:  P-51 pilot, WWII
  • Richard "Dick" Dennis, USAAC: T-6 pilot, WWII
  • Lloyd Douglas, USAAC: B-17 pilot and POW, WWII
  • Darrel Shumard, USAAC: P-47 pilot and POW, WWII
  • Bob Trombetta, USAAC: P-47 pilot, WWII
  • Al Maggini, USAAC: B-17 navigator, WWII
  • Fred Bollinger, US Army: Radio operator, WWII
  • Marco Verbon, USN: Gunner on Cape San Juan ship torpedoed and sunk by Japanese, WWII
  • David "Dave" Robertson, US Naval Aviator: TBM Avenger on USS Bairoko, WWII
  • Phillip "Phil" MacSpadden, US Army: 460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, WWII, Korea and Vietnam War
  • Del Tiedeman, USAAC: C-47 transport pilot, WWII
  • Robert "Bob" Wilson, USAAC: B-17, B-29, T-6, PT-22, BT-13, c-47, T-9, AT-17 instructor, WWII
  • Lee Wildman, US Naval Aviator: R4D and R5D, WWII
  • Richard Root, USAAC: B-25 Mitchell gunner, WWII
  • Roland Rush, USAAC: radio officer who deciphered intercepted Morse code in Pacific, WWII
  • Joan Rush, USN: WAVE, recruiter and cartographer, WWII
  • David "Dave" White, USAF: F-86, F-89, F-94 pilot defending Goose Bay Labrador, Korean War
  • Edward "Eddie" St Germaine, USAAC: P-47 pilot, WWII
  • Earl O'Grady, USAAC: P-38 Ace, WWII
  • Maynard Kuljian, US Army: Signal Corps, WWII
  • David Redding, US Army: 1st and 3rd Army, WWII
  • Drury "Mac" McCall,  USMC: F4F Wildcat and F4U Corsair pilot, WWII
  • Ed Poe, USN: Higgins Boat Operator, WWII
  • William "Bill"Morris, US Naval Aviator: TBM Avenger, WWII
  • Jim Reed, USAF: T-33, T-39, C-119 pilot, Post-Korean War
  • Larry Scott, USAF: B-47, B-52, T-33, T-28 pilot, Korean War
  • Albert Mello, US Army Artillery: Served most of the war in the Pacific, including Battle of Okinawa, WWII
  • Larry Scott, USAF: B-47, B-52, T-33, T-28, Korean War
  • Mary “Peg”  Haapa, Red Cross: Assigned to B-17 crews in France, Germany, England, WWII
  • Paul Heisler, USAAC: B-24 Ball Gunner, POW, DFC, WWII
  • Rich  Alfonso, USN: Radioman aboard Atlantic and Pacific aircraft carriers, WWII
  • Elmo Fama, USAAC: B-17 Radio Operator & Waist Gunner, WWII
  • Paul Belanger, US 3rd Army: 224th Combat Engineers, Special Forces, WWII
  • Bob Scoffern, USN, 1st Marine Div: Navy Corpsman, Guadalcanal, WWII and Korea
  • Merl Tanner, US Navy Ground Forces: GoPac Unit, WWII
  • Bob Bissiri, USN: Carrier Aircraft, Navy Aviation Machinist Mate 3rd Class, WWII
  • Bob Wattenburger, US Naval Aviator, F6F Hellcats and F4U Corsairs, WWII and Korea
  • Ray Smith, US Naval Aviator, F9F Cougar, Korea
  • Don Clouston, US Army, Paratrooper with 101st Airborne on D-Day, WWII and Korea
  • William Brandt, US Army Combat Engineering, WWII and Korea


Saturday, May 27, 2017
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


One Air Museum Way

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No Charge


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