T-37 Tweet

Crew Chief: Jim Mattison

T-37 Tweet
T-37 Tweet
T-37 Tweet
The T-37 Tweet on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

T-37 Tweet Specifications

Country of Origin: USA
B/N or Serial Number: 57-2341
Type: Two-seat basic trainer
Accommodation: Pilot and Instructor
Powerplant and fuel system: Two Continental J69-T-25 turbojets 1,025-lb thrust
Performance: Maximum speed: 425 mph
Cruising speed: 350 mph
Range: 650 miles
Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft
Weights: 8,700 lbs max.
Dimensions: Span 35 ft 10.5 in
length 28 ft 3.25 in
height 8 ft 10.5 in

T-37 Tweet History

Cessna Aircraft Company developed the XT-37 in response to a military specification for a turbojet-powered trainer. Cessna model 318 first flew in October of 1954 and won the contract. Used primarily as a trainer, the T-37 was nicknamed the "Tweet" by its primary users, pilots in training. During the lifespan of the program, a light attack version of the aircraft, the A-37, was developed.

As we get specific history information for this aircraft, we will update the site.

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