F-14A Tomcat

Crew Chief: Billy Kerkhof

This aircraft is on loan from the National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola, Florida.

F-14A Tomcat
F-14A Tomcat
F-14A Tomcat
F-14A Tomcat

The F-14A Tomcat on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

F-14A Tomcat Specifications

Country of Origin: USA
B/N or Serial Number: 160889
Type: Shipboard variable-geometry multi-role fighter
Accommodation: Pilot and systems officer seated in tandem on Martin-Baker GRU7A rocket-assisted ejector seats
Armament (fixed): One General Electric M61A1 Vulcan rotary-barrel 2Omm cannon in the port side of the forward fuselage
Armament (disposable): This is carried on four under fuselage points and on two hardpoints under the inner portions of the wings, up to a maximum weight of 6,577kg (14,500lb)
Electronics and operational equipment: Communication and navigation equipment, plus Hughes AN/ AWG-9 weapon control system with radar able to detect targets at ranges in excess of 315km (195 miles), track 24 simultaneously and attack six at varying altitudes simultaneously; Northrop TCS (Television Camera Set) for long-range identification of targets; Kaiser AN/AVG-12 head-up display; Goodyear ANIALE-39 chaff dispenser; and various electronic countermeasures systems

F-14A Tomcat History

03/79 through 09/97

Dates: Assigned To: Location:
03/79 - 10/79 NPRO Bethpage Bethpage
10/79 - 11/80 VF-124 NAS Miramar
11/80 - 09/81 VF-24 NAS Miramar
10/81 - 05/82 VF-24 Aboard USS Constellation
05/82 - 12/82 VF-24 NAS Miramar
12/82 - 01/83 VF-24 NAS Norfolk
01/83 - 07/83 VF-24 NAS Miramar
07/83 - 02/84 VF-24 Aboard USS Ranger
02/84 - 07/85 VF-24 NAS Miramar
07/85 - 12/85 VF-24 Aboard USS Kittyhawk
12/85 - 01/87 VF-24 NAS Miramar
05/82 - 12/82 VF-24 NAS Miramar
01/87 - 06/87 VF-24 Aboard USS Kittyhawk
06/87 - 09/87 VF-24 NAS Miramar

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