D-21 Drone

Crew Chief: Dave Sandine

D-21 Drone
D-21 Drone
D-21 Drone
The D-21 Drone on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

D-21 Drone Specifications

Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Type: High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and drone
Accommodation: Unmanned
Powerplant and fuel system: One Marquardt RJ43-MA-20S4 ramjet
Performance: Maximum speed: Mach 3.35
(2,210 mph, 1,920 knots, 3,560 km/h)
Service Ceiling: 95,000 ft (29,000 m)
Range: 3,000 nmi, 3,450 mi, 5,550 km
Weights: Launch Weight: 11,000 lb
Dimensions: Span 19 ft 1/4 in
length 42 ft 10 in
height 7 ft 1/4 in

D-21 Drone II History

From Wikipedia: The Lockheed D-21 was a Mach 3+ reconnaissance drone. The drone was originally designed to be launched off the back of its A-12-based M-21 aircraft. Development began in October 1962. Originally known by the Lockheed designation Q-12, it was intended for reconnaissance missions deep into enemy airspace. The D-21 was designed to carry a single high-resolution photographic camera over a pre-programmed path, then release the camera module into the air for retrieval, followed by the drone’s self-destruct. learn more...

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