BD-5J Bede

Crew Chief: Caitlyn Jurin

BD-5J Bede
BD-5J Bede
BD-5J Bede
The BD-5J Bede at the Pacific Coast Air Museum.

BD-5J Bede Specifications

Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Bede Aircraft Corp (Homebuilt)
B/N or Serial Number: 4174
Type: Bede BD-5J
Accommodation: Pilot
Powerplant: Microturbo TRS-18 Turbojet engine, 325 lbs thrust
Performance: Max speed 300 mph, Range 300+miles, Service Ceiling 23,000 feet, Rate of Climb 4,000 ft/min
Weights: Empty weight 358 lb, loaded 700-1100 lbs
Dimensions: Length 12’, Wingspan 17’, Height 5’ 2”

BD-5J Bede History

The BD-5J is the jet version of the original BD-5 propeller aircraft. It holds the record as the smallest jet aircraft. The aircraft featured a Microturbo jet engine. This aircraft type was featured in the James Bond movie “Octopussy”.

This aircraft was sold as a kit for an owner to build and fly. There were over 5,000 Bede kits sold for all models, but currently there are only about 150 BD-5s in airworthy condition.

The Pacific Coast Air Museum received this aircraft partially built. Our crew finished building it and it is on display at the museum without an engine.

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