A-4E Skyhawk

Crew Chief: Bob George

This aircraft is on loan from the National Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola, Florida.

A-4E Skyhawk
A-4E Skyhawk
A-4E Skyhawk
A-4E Skyhawk
The A-4E Skyhawk on the field at the Pacific Coast Air Museum

A-4E Skyhawk Specifications

Country of Origin: USA
B/N or Serial Number: 151194
Type: Carrier borne light attack bomber
Accommodation: Pilot seated on a Douglas Escapac 1-G3 lightweight ejector seat
Armament (fixed): Two Mk 12 2Omm cannon with 200 rounds per gun in the wing roots
Armament (disposable): This is carried on one under fuselage hardpoint, rated at 1,588kg (3,5001b), and on four underwing hardpoints, the inner pair each rated at 1,021kg (2,250lb) and the outer pair each at 454kg (1,000lb); a great variety of weapon loads can be carried, including nuclear bombs, the Mk 84 907kg (2,000lb) bomb, the Mk 83 454kg (1,000lb) free-fall or retarded bomb, the Mk 82 227kg (500lb) free-fall or retarded bomb, the Mk 8111 3kg (250lb) free-fall or retarded bomb, the LAU-3/A launcher with 19 69.85mm (2.75in) rockets, the LAU-10/A launcher with four 127mm (Sin) rockets
Electronics and operational equipment: Communication and navigation equipment, plus Bendix automatic flight control, Marconi AN/AVQ-24 head-up display, Texas Instruments AN/AJB-3 bombing system, ANIASN-41 navigation computer, AN/APN153(V) radar navigation, and electronic countermeasures
Powerplant and fuel system: One 5,080kg (11,200lb) Pratt & Whitney J52-P-408 turbojet
Performance: Maximum speed 646km/h (1,040mph) with 1,814kg (4,000lb) bomb load; initial climb rate 3,140m (10,300ft) per minute; range 3,220km (2,000 miles) with maximum fuel
Weights: Empty 4,899kg (10,800lb); maximum takeoff 11,113kg (24,500lb)
Dimensions: Span 8.38m (27ft,6in); length 12.29m (40ft 4in) excluding probe; height 4.57m (15ft,1Oin); wing area 24.16 square meter (26Osqft)

A-4E Skyhawk History

Dates: Assigned To: Location:
Dec 1964 Acceptance date at Long Beach, CA
1-2-65 to 2-28-65 VA 164 Lemoore
2-28-65 to 11-28-65 NAS Cubi Point
1-28-65 to 1-10-66 VA 164 Aboard USS Constellation
1-10-66 to 4-29-66 VA 56 Aboard USS Ticonderoga #22
4-29-66 to 6-9-66 VA 56 Lemoore
6-9-66 to 8-5-66 VA 56 Aboard USS Enterprise
8-5-66 to 5-18-67 VA 192 Lemoore
5-18-67 to 6-16-67NAS Sugi CostaSugi Costa
6-16-67 to 9-29-67VA 212Aboard USS Bon Homme Richard #3
9-29-67 to 6-11-68VA 164Aboard USS Handcock
6-11-68 to 6-18-68VA 164Fallon NV
6-18-68 to 4-21-69VA 44Cecil Field
4-21-69 to 2-18-72VA 127Lemoore
2-18-72 to 10-76VC 1Barbers Point
10-76 to 3-77VC 1North Island
3-77 to 8-77VC 1Pensacola
8-77 to 3-79VC 2Oceana
3-79 to 9-79MARTD Willow GroveWillow Grove
9-79 to 8-80HMS 49 DT Willow GroveWillow Grove
8-80 to 8-81HMS 49 DT Willow GrovePensacola
8-81 to 9-84HMS 49 DT Willow GroveWillow Grove
9-84 to 9-87MAG 49 DT Willow GroveWillow Grove
9-87VC 12Oceana

Note: Aggressor squadron markings on top of vertical stabilizer, Red Star.
Note: "VMA-131" on aircraft - not listed above.

Aircraft Numbers: 
#1: Vietnam deployment, CVW-16, Tailcode AH
#2: Vietnam deployment, CVW-5, Tailcode NF
#3: Vietnam deployment, CVW-21, Tailcode NP

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